Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bonjour, 2006!

The party last night was wonderful.
The highlight was my first kiss of the year, which was from JB.  That was quite wonderful, as was the finger fucking.  LOL
JB was quite caught unawares by my beauty; introducing down the line, "Hi, I'm JB, Hi, I'm JB," then me "...." and I said, "Hello, nice to meet you" and JB continues after staring a bit to the next person, "Hi, I'm JB, Hi, I'm JB, Hi, I'm JB."
Which was very cute.
Interesting; the party had a high predominance of 3 names; John, Mike, and David.  LOL
Mike was also infatuated as well and stared at me almost the entire evening.  :) 
But beyond that it was standard.  BD looked very nice and everyone assumed we were together, as they usually do.
I met a Canadian who bumped into me 5 times in 10 seconds, having no concept of personal space, which was highly irritating, but he was probably just jealous.
2 Queenies came in which was interesting; they were very friendly until they saw me and then banded together to hate me.
I read palms of several people which was enjoyable. 
So all in all a very delightful evening.  I was, as usual, the most interesting exotic creature there, which was intimidating to the fearful, imposing on the meek, and rewarding to the courageous.  I'm amazing.
(Hey, 80 years from now I won't be able to say this.)
Just felt generally charming and delicious.  Wore the gold dragons.  :)
Today went out to Bistro Zinc with A&W and PB, which was fun.  Had to pretend like the food was the most impressive stuff I'd ever eaten in my life.  Had to make it up so that PB wouldn't lose face with husband managing the whole place.
The moules were OK; they were plump, firm, the sauce was great, but a bit watery and gummy, so it kinda separated. 
The anchovy salad was a complete disaster.
The croque madame was OK, but far too French Toasty and the fries were pretty nauseating.
The escargot were god-awful.  The creme brulee was nasty. 
But we spent 3 hours there talking and enjoying life, which was the point of seeing anyone and my friends, so that was quite delightful.
Then off to BE and talked and laughed and ate pizza and chips and had a nice time.  So that is a good thing.
So all in all the 1st day of the new year was wonderful.  So I am very happy.
Good night!

Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve

Wow, things are just speeding right along.
Last night went out with BD to BC and JH, had a great time.  BD is so much fun and we have a great time together; how lucky I am!
I discovered that the very best way to destroy the fragile male ego is to laugh.  I think women can handle being laughed at much more than men can.
Roomie hated it when I made certain belongings subject to a bit of laughing.  It wasn't my fault; it's not as if someone can't imagine being made fun of having loud gangsta rap country western bible and americana scattered about.  Trash. 
I also remember when fat fuck cunt fucking cunt licking shit faced vomit brained scum sucking trash sperming asshole uncle tried to laugh at me, too.  But we're all having the last laugh.
Anyway, so while BD and I were dancing (and I got my nipples pinched which was a new act of familiarity--and kissed lightly later, which is kinda normal, actually), there were some people who were jealous or staring or whatever at me which was amusing.  At any rate, one of these guys, who was rather cute (suggesting I probably have some sort of connection that I completely obliterated) locked his arm and kinda 1/2 shoved into me, which I thought was ridiculous.  So I laughed at him.  And infuriated him.  And wow, what an effect.
Then we went to JH and it was a great time, then had pizza.
Today I saw Memoirs of a Geisha with PB.  I am getting ready to go out with BD for the evening.  Am excited for this NYE party.  Hope the menzes is cute!
" forgot Poland..."

Friday, December 30, 2005

Well, that year was quick.

So, this pretty much concludes 2005.


Not too shabby.  Didn't like it as much as I thought I would, although, to be fair, a lot of good things happened to the people I know who are a year older than I am. 


So that bodes well for 2006.  I don't know what I'm going to do in particular.   Again, I only have 5 goals; no more smoking, eat better, get a better job, exercise, and write more.  So there we go.   I can do those and am doing those.


Tonight I think I'm going to go out and have a few dranks.  There's really no pernt in staying in.


BD has invited me to a party tomorrow night to usher in the new year.  So that makes me glad; I will wear something dazzling I'm sure.   No silver hound's-tooth lame, but really, that's mostly for b-days.  LOL  I think NYE should have gold dragons and brocade.


Last night saw Brokeback Mountain with A&W.  It was good; we had a fun time.   I enjoyed the mervie.  Made the mistake of seeing the thing up in white land where the bulldaggahs next to me were crying when they shot the elk (CAUSE THEY WERE HUNGRY) and made all kinds of repulsive noises when they saw the cute cuddly sheep.   I mean, who does that, and why is it acceptable?  Stupid collegiate pretty white kids with problems.  And then Jack or whatever gets beaten and killed at the end, and then the PWKWP don't say anything.  Sheesh.  There was an old queen there who was there for his holy day or whatever and his cell phone went off 3 times.   Dude.  All the PWKWPs got freaky pissy, it was so cute; "Um, you really should turn that off" and "it has a power button."


They ain't never been up in no ghetto theatre before.  Shoez.   PWKWPs. 


Anyway, so I'm rounding out the last hour or so here.  Not much to do; thankfully.   And then back next year.


Am I ready to jump

Get ready to jump

Yes I'm ready to jump

Get ready to jump


Yeah, I'm ready anytime the BBs beckon. 

" forgot Poland..."


Monday, December 26, 2005

XMAS and such

So, Xmas went pretty well.  Friday saw N which was great; we had a lovely time.  Then home.  Sat went out with mom, hung about, saw N.  Sun, Xmas, was fun; dinner was at 1, but everyone got along, even PPF did an excellent job at being nice and giving.  So I felt good about the whole thing.  Got PPF a get well card for her addiction to makeup.  :) 

Today, Monday, had a nice day off; went out with PH and just wandered around.  Been doing well.  Ate too much, drank too much, etc.  But that's what the holidays are for.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Days go by

And soon it'll be NYE.  Et voila.
So, nothing tremendously exciting has happened.  I created a new investment account which was rather interesting; my broker or whatever wanted me to talk about my goals with him.  Um, Dude, Make Me More Money.  Very difficult, non?  He wanted all kinds of risk assessment information, blah blah blah.  Keep the number mountin', your accountant does the countin'...
With the potential additional money in the next job, I hope to put more in these funds or something.
YAY CS is in town and we're going to play tonight.  Fun fun!  I've almost 1/2 a mind to drive into work today, but really, that's asking a lot.  Plus Friday Xmas Eve Night to drive around after work is going to suck.  But if I drove in, I'd save 2 hours.  Which might not be so bad.  Hmmm.
Well, let me see if I need to pack anything.

Monday, December 19, 2005


So I realize my way of life isn't for everyone.  Infact, I think it can be very hard for people to live the way I do, particularly when people are weak and inferior.  But this is OK. 
But something that I was thinking of was the party last night, and how four people missed it.  One person missed it because of work.  No, not that there was work on Sunday, but that work from last week made her tired.  Managers.  If she were gettin' boned, that would be fine.  Another person missed it due to "illness."  Aka:  getting boned, which of course is fine.  Lastly, another couple missed it because they were in love, and an ex was at the party, therefore negating their ability to get there.
Wow.  To lose your independence.  In talking with someone who also recently lost it, I discovered that when I said, "Oh, X missed it because of Y" or "A missed it because A needs a wo/man," I wasn't so much talking about The Party as I was talking about their missing out on life.
And I quickly realized that I was insulting those people. 
And that spoke volumes.


The party was delightful.
Drinks began before hand at the hammer; BD, J9 & Co, EQ, HLL came to join me at 4 for some dranks.  We po'ed a few, and took some wonderful photos.  All my friends are so photogenic, it makes me glad.  None is afraid of the camera.  And that is no easy feat, in honesty.
Then, afterwards we went to the restaurant.  We had a delightful time; we spent about 4 1/2 hours there.  We talked, ate, did some wonderful conversing and had just a grand ol time.  No one felt neglected, everyone contributed; it really was stellar.  I am so glad to have these friends.
My gifts were fantastic, of course; everyone seemed to recal something I'd mentioned 900 years previously.  The gifts were all wonderful, but none was anything I'd remembered within the past few months, so they truly were a delightful surprise.  I received a gag gift; a split peach that everyone called The Cunt.  Ah, it feels so good to make a difference in everyone's life...
And that is that.
Today I went to deliver gifts to the law firm where I might be working.  It was fun; saw a lot of cute menzes there, so that was a positive sign.  I think I can do this.  I need a change, and this change'll be great for me.  Plus, I'm just an amateur over there, so that will protect me to a degree from anyone getting too antsy or angry with me for the first few months.  I hope!
Ok, off to eat ahi tuna.