Monday, May 17, 2004

American Sushi...stay away from me-e...

They say American Idol (Idle) voting is fixed. (gasp.) They say that in some areas, like Hawaii, only 1/5th of the votes could conceivably be real; the rest have to be fakes.

Um, American Idle, American voting. Don’t quite get what the problem is.

Sat next to a Save The Worlder attorney at dinner the other night. Went to this fabulously "wonderful" sushi restaurant, which was ridiculously stupid; the seats were too small, the place was too loud, the service blew goats, the décor was *way* too Lee Press-On, and I have a tremendous tolerance for kitschy krap. The food was horrendously Americanized; ginger dressing was mild; the wasabi was better from a tube; the rolls were dry and boring. The sushi and sashimi actually did rise to the occasion, but when my food is brought out 20 mins before everyone else’s, I have to realize that this alone, as well as the other aforementioned reasons, made it a *perfect* yuppie and guppie haven. Stupid g/yuppies.

It should be no surprise that the restaurant was recommended by a skinny person. Enough said.

Anyway, dirty hippie attorney was impressing on his girlfriend (with really bad shoes) the fact that one bagel is equal to five slices of bread. For Seven Minutes. SEVEN. Then they extolled the virutes of fat free cream cheese, and cream cheese substitutes, and then finally, the necessity of tofu substitutes. I think tofu needs to be substituted; you have no idea how much slave labour goes into putting a slab of tofu together. What do you mean, by machine? Well, that’s not the point, evil capitalist…

Naturally I loudly talked about clubbing baby seals, all kinds of fur, and generally obnoxious class-driven aristocratic comments like, “What did you expect; they’re poor! Gffaw, gffaw.” Tee hee! Now that he can go save the world, perhaps he can go buy a razor at the same time.

And in spite of itself, I had a really excellent time. :)

AND! Today marks Massachusetts being the most revolutionary state in the entire world for allowing gay marriage. Several things: One, I believe in divorce for all, so more power to everyone and the 50/50 division of property. Two: Massachusetts, good on ya' for realizing that human beings should be treated equally. Three: why on earth should I have to congratulate MA for being civil to humanity? Four: Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn CEOs are so happy with the prospects of registering grooms that don't know which hole to pee out of. Five: why on earth should I have to congratulate MA for being civil to humanity? Six: Rinse, repeat, shampoo, curl up and dye.

At least one state got it right. Now let's see if Vermont will stop pussy-footing around the conservatives.


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