Monday, May 31, 2004


Yeah no I can’t get my website working. My ports are broken—at least, this is what the product support is telling me. Great. What a pisser. I’m thinking of calling someone I know to help me with it, but I don’t like that person and it would open a can with too many worms. There’s a few other people I like much more and will contact them as applicable.

I am annoyed with the whole thing, deeply annoyed, but I’m not sure why. I think it’s adding to my generalized feelings of non-productivity over this weekend; that’s probably the primary reason. I should have done more homework, but don’t really feel like it. Went shopping instead; bought some really cool stuff.

Have a pissant in my group at school, which is taking the heat right off me wanting to do anything. Not so sure if it’s that or if it’s just me looking for an excuse.

Just ate a chimichanga. I think the sour cream was off, but how can you tell with sour cream?

ARAGH. Annoyed and stressed. My favs.

Well, back to work.


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