Thursday, May 13, 2004


Watched Another Man’s Poison. Probably one of the earliest and funniest movies dealing with blatant irony I’ve ever seen. Merrill, sporting one of the first and finest fur coats of the era, and Davis must have delighted in the production. He was uneven, she was unstable. Made the perfect match. No wonder they divorced in real life a few months later. It’s been fun to listen to her voice deteriorate over the years—Vantage after Vantage after Vantage. Blue label, unfiltered. Wow. I think '52 was the cut off point; it was intolerable afterwards.

Mr. Bigley was hilarious—thick, useless, dense—and this was scripted! We have several of these completely useless characters in daily life. Not all of them have accents. The horse was a bit of a theme/motif stick used to whack the audience; why else would it have been named Fury. Lame.

Weddings have been the subject du jour at work. Boss is getting married tomorrow; co-worker gets married in a week or so. A cute little story in CNN today; a confirmed bachelor octopus got laid today. Apparently the octopus is happy and in love. His name is J-1; hers is Aurora. The descriptions of him are rather mean; "skin is eroding" and "suckers have divots." (?) Why is that news. Probably to serve as a reminder that yes, even 8 legged slimy things, with (gasp) divots in their suckers are getting more action than me. I think I’ve dated some 8-legged slimy things, come to think of it. Can't remember any divots in suckers, though.

Lynndie England was also in the news today. She’s innocent, she claims; she was forced to pose, she claims. Well, it’s so very obvious then that she was merely Striking a Pose; Vogue. Dude. I never remember her first name; she’s much more of a Joleen than a Lynndie. But does it matter at that point, I wonder. I remember the English part.

Speaking of which, school started today. I love’s watchin’zes people hu cant’ spell’s tryin’g to use apo’strophe’s. Not their fault, really; showing up to class drunk must have something to do with it. "I looked at the photo of my dead sister in the hallway. Her eyes are deep and dark like chunks of fudge." Quality.


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