Thursday, May 20, 2004


Watched Ridicule yesterday. It really needed to have been translated as “Wit.” A very fun movie, and I believe it is as applicable today as it was imagined to have been in pre 1789 France. While watching it I thought of L, who reacts violently to class differences and distinguishing characteristics. She makes no hesitations to assign guilt or blame to the cause of money. She would have convulsions while watching the movie; I will have to force her to watch it. I wish they spent more time illustrating the scenes with scenery; best parts were probably the ones that showed the very famous villas and châteaux—Vaux le Vicomte especially. But I’m not the director.

I’ve made arrangements for a date tomorrow night with Kitten. Should be fun. I’m not sure what we’ll do; dinner and movie stand-bys are so utterly generic. I want to go feed ducks.

School is already getting very busy. As of a few hours ago we have a new addition to our little group, someone I think will be very beneficial. I’m normally good at picking winners, preferring to rely on proof rather than the scent of the pudding. In that way I’m a zodiac pig. The little information I know sounds good, though there are possibilities for anything. What half-empty glass? What’s the glass made of; that’s the important thing. Don’t want no namby pamby Cristal d’Arques glass… It's interrupting dinner plans already. And this class is proving to be more difficult than originally imagined. *That* is anti-chic.

Pictures arrived of the Boston trip; they’re very saucy and fun. Sauce. Q’s jelly curves are spectacular; felt like an original Ritts. A picture of Guy Outside would have been nice, but that will forever be a mystery. A perfect opportunity to test Ms. Bowman’s theories.

Laura no longer showers in my apartment; this has been a welcome change.

And a side note to Coquilles Saint Jacque: Un de mes amis a acheté une “quelque chose” hier soir. Vraiment je ne me le suis pas attendu… Magnifique; je serais aux étagère avec tous les autres veuillards avec des amis derranger...


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