Sunday, June 06, 2004

Abstemious Disembowlement.

So, June, huh.

Well, let’s see. Just received a call from Q who was lamenting the journey to New York to visit friends. Q’s ex was one of the targeted vistees, a decision made against my wishes but hey, I never made my wishes obvious; it’s Q’s life, not mine; it needs to be lived according to Q’s preferences and desires. Anyway, there was the associated hunger-heart pangs, the associated wishing and hoping, the metamorphosis of desire into margarita after margarita after margarita. Salt works well on wounds in both places.

We’ve found it difficult to understand why all the fat and ulgies seem to be pairing off, but this is nothing more than nominal jealousy; fortunately we are gorgeous enough to pull it off without it looking conspicuously like the real thing. And *that’s* the goal of style over substance.

We have a little running joke that my Delicious Outside Random Encounter in Boston (DOREB) was probably my last chance at happiness, which is one of those poignantly delicious ironic knife-stabbing-through-the-heart-and-the-embodiment-of-emotional-disembowlement moments. (KSTTHATEOEDM.) Naturally. And, I got to use embodiment and disembowelment in the same sentence. THAT doesn’t happen often. It’s one of those perpetual couldda shouldda woulddas that I’ve tried to eliminate as often as possible—with much success, generally. I’ve never been able to take one of anything or eat just a nibble of anything. It’s gotta be the whole hog.

Q’s dilemma and mine are nothing more than the manifestation of looking externally for answers to our own questions. As is the case with most things, we know the answers and the solutions—but that’s not fun, and certainly not dramatic.

I have to do homework for my online class but true to nature the class access is broken right now. Naturally; why wouldn’t it be? I actually have time right now to do homework but can’t do anything with it. FUN!

Party yesterday, was v v fun; good food good friends. Didn’t make out with anyone. I am becoming abstemious. This will not do! There was naturally much conjecture why I left early--that will only be answered by the sealed lips of anonymous strangers.


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