Saturday, June 12, 2004

“Gasoline, blowtorch; no problem.”

Been playing with a new group of people this week. They’ve been really interesting. They’re writers; one of them is KR Randen who is going to launch a new website soon. Very interesting stuff—a little bit too Woe Is Me, but hey; happiness is a lousy story. Two of the people have a synergy going; on draws comic book porn, the other writes comic book porn. It’s a perfect match. And they’re both hotties in each’s respective way.

Mommie Dearest is a great movie. The scene where Faye belts out “TINA! BRING ME THE AX!” has to be one of the best moments in movie history.

Other great lines in movie history (incidentally, from my favorite movies) that can be readily adapted to almost any situation.

“Don’t ask for the moon when we have the stars.”
“Gasoline, blowtorch; no problem.”
“Well when you’re from Pittsburgh you have to do something.”
“A milkshake?”
“Watch your filthy mouth, ya fuckin’ whore.”
“Well, I hardly needed it.”
“Win or die.”
“Try the cock. It’s a delicacy.”

Blah blah and whatnot. I have a very good friend, P. P works with me and says the most delightfully creative phrases. For example, “Too much hands in the pot.” or “I bet she gave you that unbelievable look.” P calls me the wrong name all the time. P is able to twist common clichés without even thinking; the meaning is the same, but it’s not confined to its prescribed phrase. It’s a beautiful thing.

46% of the American people would never vote for an atheist president. That scares me. Apparently the opium of the masses is absolutely necessary. And we think we’re so advanced. As soon as we’re not looking at mythical creatures to give us a sense of being, I’ll be more inclined to believe we’re advancing. Until then, we just keep living.


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