Thursday, October 28, 2004


So, at the behest of my techie friend, I joined Friendster.

I think Friendster is only cool if you live in Manhattan or wannabe living in Manhattan, or Boston, or LA/SF. No one else really seems to care or know about Friendster. I think I like those people just a little bit more than the rest of humanity. It's a rather silly little system, but it seems to work very well for the following reasons that I have observed:

1. You just can't get enough of your psychotic exes trying to contact you by hook or by crook, so you put your information out there willingly so they may contact you without preventative blockers, like the police.
2. You enjoy getting into webs of people with whom you have absolutely nothing in common but a fleeting mention in someone's late-one-night-drunk-off-ass story
3. Friends that you once had who "find" you e-mail you with news of their lives that is so superficial and empty that you very quickly re-discover why you never wanted to keep in contact with them anyway.
4. You enjoy guessing everyone's psychological flaws and defects based on a lousy photo or five
5. You enjoy 110-volt realty, as real life is way too difficult and challenging for you
6. Getting Carpel Tunnel from work isn't good enough. You want MORE.

For some reason the friend I have who introduced me to Friendster seems to be really happy with the results. The friend has gone on dates with many people and has enjoyed the realization of the many interlocking layers of life and webbing we all seem to have. It seems that Friendster removes 3 or 4 levels of separation.

Fate hasn't been very nice to me yet; I assuredly doubt Friendster will reverse her forecast for me.


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