Thursday, October 28, 2004

Living Jealousy

Friend of mine had to fly out to brother's house to wait for sister-in-law to die.

Friend of mine's grandpa is moving rapidly toward death.

Mortality is cute. It's the one thing we have to pretend not to think about otherwise it consumes us. We do a pretty good job--I think the only people left to obsess about death are poets, writers, and other creative types who turn to death as a means of coping and falling in love with themselves.

How funny I *just* received an e-mail about changing/updating my health benefits. LOL!

Unlike meeting the spouse who is supposed to cheat on you with (some estimate at) 80% reliability, which can be avoided simply by not bothering with that garbage, death isn't avoidable. It's funy how we colour things. So the biggest risk--and the only thing we ever need to do, is die. Everything else can be minimized. Odd.

Being a baby curmudgeon is actually quite fun. It's not hard to see ridiculousness everywhere I look--that's the simple part. Now let's find something good.


Well, maybe tomorrow.


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