Friday, October 29, 2004

News from Chicago

A pretty white kid with problems living in Lincoln Park went home, took a shower, and forgot to lock the door. A causal criminal strolling past saw that the door was open, walked into the apartment, assaulted woman. Everyone shocked and surprised. The TV news has been the only source to say the man was African American. Interesting.

Compassion, concern, yadda yadda, but honestly; if you live in Chicago and you forget to lock the door, that’s like taking a breath and forgetting to take the next one. Granted, I am not immune. I do live in the ghetto. I did see a pregnant woman beaten by her boyfriend in the alley one day. Later, both of them were perched on my back porch since some fucking po’dunk farming community hick morons who live in my building forgot that living in the city requires that we all close the back door. Said lovelies axed to use my bathroom. Fuck no. Called landlord.

An armored guard was shot on the south side. He was moving money into a bank and was held up and shot. Hmmm. On the south side? Odd. Stolen goods are recovered on the south side. On the south side? Odd.

Janitor sells drugs to kids in school. OK this doesn’t really count as Chicago since it happened in Evanston, but close enough. Janitor is arrested and is now in jail. School principal said that had there been suspicion that the janitor had a drug problem, he would have been tested. Um, duh. What else should the principal have said? “Oh yeah; we knew about it all the time.” (Though, had that been said, I’d’a not’ve been surprised.)


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