Thursday, October 28, 2004

Small Wonders, Small Updates

Well, it's not as if I haven't been living over the past 4 months--I just haven't done much to describe or publicize it.

So, Cuba, huh. Yep well, that was a funny stereotype that was just shattered--though, what else can/should one expect of one's illusions? Illusions are, by their nature, sweet. The publishing is now over, that is good. There are a few others out there that might publish me, but we shall see. I found a funny blog today. It's interesting how many stories there are on the el, but so few people bother to write them down. I'll have to talk about the story of K at one point and then the story of the man dropping trou and making a Fragrant Demonstration of the Human Digestive System. Rarely have I seen it actually on the train--it happens often, as it should, on the platforms or in corners, but not really on the el itself. Breaking the mold, I guess. What does one do when one is stumbling around between bar and bar and suddenly finds one's best friend's ex engaged in activities immediately in public that would make Lady Chatterly blush? Hmmm.

Friends are all doing well. A has had many deaths in family recently. Very difficult turn of events; it puts the present desire for return to muterland in complete perspective. One always seeks to gain what one has lost, without really realizing that regret is the essential component of happiness. E&B are getting closer to the marriage. Oh what a circus, oh what a show--I am happy that they are being married, but am alarmed with E taking on B's less-than-attractive traits. I'm not sure if it's a character thing/rearrangement, or if E is just simply unhappy and is lashing out in ways that I recognize in B. That's probably the most likely reason, but far be it from me to interrupt an unhappy marriage before it starts... I dunno. It's a situation where I have no vote or jurisdiction.

School is going well. I'm taking a break in December because I have no money to continue. Will start again in January. I think I forgot how chronically and criminally retarded some people are. I can't say I'm surprised, because I'm simply not--aren't surprises those things that cause wonderment merely at their happening to be unexpected? (thereby my being "surprised" at how stupid people are can't be a surprise by virtue of definition)--but I am amazed at how people can be so woefully ignorant. I'm not asking them to know that red is the rarest diamond color, or what the color of Madonna's lipstick was in Who's That Girl--I'm simply looking for someone to share the things that any breathing human would notice after being somewhat remotely engaged within this world would notice.

Which I guess could bring me back to dating. Have seen someone over the past few weeks, an opera buff, which has been fun and interesting, but all my wonderment and guessing and thinking and fantasizing has been replaced by one wonderfully simple key question: does this person make me worse off than who I am on my own? Unfortunately, with the very rare exception of all my friends, the answer is perpetually "yes."

So back to school: someone opened a formal paper with lyrics to a Bob Dylan song. Now, granted he happens to be the most ghastly thing to ever appear on TV and can't sing any better than dead camel being pecked by vultures, but his lyrics are OUTSTANDING--but outstanding as they are, they do NOT belong in a formal paper of any sort, other than those discussing the abilities of Bob Dylan as a singer. In fact, that should be further limited to a paper titled "The Impact of These Specific Lyris of This Specific Bob Dylan Songs."

My teacher in the class is the sort who needs to reveal to everyone where he has eaten, who he has seen, what he has done, and how much he's paid for the whole experience. The fact that he's mentioned the procurement of wine and/or the tasting of wine several times convinces me unequivocally that Fran Lebowitz was correct in saying, "Great people talk about ideas; average people talk about people; small people talk about wine." Anyone who has ever had to suffer through a 'wine' (whine) party should agree. If they do not agree, 1) run away, then 2) realize my point, then finally 3) go buy her book. She rocks.

Speaking of voting, (way up above) let's not ponder what we have going here. We have 5 1/2 days until we have to decide who is going to lead America for the next 4 years. Do we want a radical fanatic with low IQ and a pampered life, or do we want to hit the snooze button with a high-IQ and a pampered life? I think snoozing is more important that turning the US into a theocracy, but hey, Bush seems to be doing very well eliminating human rights for everyone. And how on earth would I be able to point out our hypocrisy with regard to China's record on human rights if we are allowed to extend human rights to all of our people? I do not think that Bush should shy away from his agenda of turning the country into some perverse Biblical pope-led crack-smoked crackpot country. If he did shy away from it, how else would I think that living in France--or (gasp)--even Canada might be better?


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