Tuesday, March 29, 2005


What the hell could a jackhammer decide is so interesting to destroy behind my apartment building at 5 am? First, I have to listen to the 'troiter above me turn his Brittneyesque music on from 1-2 am, only, and thump around like a Chicago Bear even though he's about as big as my thigh, and now I have to contend with jackhammers tearing up the street. Um, it's an alley. It's supposed to suck. No need for improvement. Just let the big pot holes out front go, but no no, wake up the whole street in your quest for back alley refinement...



I'VE GRADUATED! I NOW HAVE MY MBA. Well, closely; I've finished all the course work. Now I just have my final exam for 3 hours and then I have to wait for the diploma to arrive. Other than that, I'm done. And now I have time to write again. How wonderful. :)


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