Saturday, April 09, 2005

Cellophane Kisses

Nobody moves me, I’ve been through this life with no place that I can call home.

---or so the song goes---

Funny how it feels when there’s nothing to say. Fortunately, kisses were invented to fill the gap left by words. Or, kisses were invented when words become redundant. /purse...

TButter is lots of fun. I am becoming very enchanted and pleased. It was a really fun second date, so I am glad. We might hang out tomorrow, too. M’lous is telling me that I’ll find something wrong with him and then I’ll invent some reason to break up, etc. I think she’s “guilty guilty guilty” of optimism. /whoolawdy. Anyhow, we’ll see. I’m pretty positive about the whole thing; I’ve been smiling.

We went to MM to check out the commercial interior design stuff. Was pretty fun; I enjoyed it, learned quite a bit. I now am the proud owner of Herman Miller mints, in tins that are baseball patterned. Ooo… My welcome hello present was a little hot dog in Marzipan—I think; I’ve not eaten it. Taped it to my cube. I’m a loser. J’ai vu chez lui; pas mal; elle est trois niveau sur que Pottery Barn, donc pas mal. Quand Sheryl et moi avons eu notre tête-à-tête, j’ai dit: it's like Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, using the colors of Armani. Elle m’a questionné: yo' house be what? J’ai dit que chez moi: it's more like Westwood and Lacroix got a stab at Ungaro. And she understood. THAT’s a friend, let’s talk about it.

Then sushi, correct restaurant; iffy quality, but good enough. Nice conversation; TB’s so quiet, or I’m going deaf, either way. Then to KitKat, then to bar, then home. So it was very nice. And didn’t feel like time had passed at all, which was nice; the first time I checked my watch was around midnight just to see what time it was. So that impressed me. :) The kissing is interesting. TB is like a brown bear; my kisses are very much languid and insouciant; so it’s a bit like silk on tweed. Frustrating only for the reason that my silk is renown and often touted as a prized feature of me; to not be able to share that is a bit alarming. (If I do say so myself, and very well, I might add.)

We’ll see what happens this coming week.


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