Saturday, April 02, 2005

MBA Brilliance

The thrill of having my MBA was slightly dampened by an occurrence in the office. There is a coworker who is also pursing the MBA, and I wish this person much luck and happiness with it.

Well, as much luck and happiness as should be allowed to be wished upon he who did the following:

He tried unclogging a drain with coffee.

Not coffee grounds, or beans; not even by planting a coffee plant in the sink where the roots might wrap around the clog and then could be pulled out as a large coffee bean plant carrot clog grab. (The way that it does.)

So here’s the story.

My friend Watoosi discovered the sink clogged in the morning. None of us is happy in the morning, particularly working the early shift. Given our great range of bio-diversity, there are people who are; they are faulty humans.

There was brown mucky water in it. The next part defies my understanding, but that’s OK. She dug around in the sink to make sure there wasn't an obvious block. (Meanwhile, I’m thinking I would never do that, since there might be any bewildering assortment of knives, pokey things, miscellaneous crap, and/or a piranha living in there.) There was no above drain obstruction, so she went to the front to ask for maintenance.

She passed the MBA on the way, and, understandably upset about having to deal with other people's filth, complained to him since he saw her leaving the kitchen. He said, "Oh yeah. I poured coffee in the sink to make the clog go away.”

Is it just me, or should that require banishment?

A google search showed absolutely no indication, web-myth or otherwise, that coffee will unclog a drain.



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