Sunday, April 03, 2005


Always has, always will. Is full of lies, hypocrisy, and a generalized, mid-level stupidity. Tax returns show they fund domestic terrorists. Their staff have benefited from animal research—though they say that’s just a fluke and that the animals that died for them are vindicated as the humans those animals saved can now promote life for other animals. Of the 2000 or so animals they rescued, they PUT TO SLEEP 1300 of them. I’m PETA, I’m a hypocrite. Fund me. Yeah right.

I ate a big fat thick juicy steak tonight in honour of PETA.

Is PETA management?

Been watching the Twilight Zone. Pretty good stuff; makes me happy. Some of their monsters, though obvious and pretty lame, are for some reason or other very frightening. An amazing show. I wish I had the creativity and ability of Rod Sperling to be able to write that many shows and episodes. A literary woody. That would be such happiness.

NetFlix has been throttling my account. Moolafoolas. I might instead go to Greencine and see what they have to offer. Might be good.

Speaking of which I will have to write a story very soon.


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