Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Spot Trend Analysis

Pepper head is so cute; he’s trying to tell me that he feels like he started a trend during the FL trip. HA! If men weren’t so retarded and busy inflating their own egos, they’d realize that the more they’re different from each other, the more they’re the same as each other. I be like, Pepper, this started in 1994. There was a 3 year hiatus, let’s be fair. But Pepper shouldn’t feel like he’s got the mandate on the market. Don’t even play that.

I think the situation with TButter made me physically ill last night. Not too sure; couldn’t possibly have been the pizza—who can’t eat piazza, especially me—so I think it was a combination of stress and frustration. Oh hurrah, my favs all rolled into one. Whatever. Fuck it.

Pity; seemed promising.


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