Saturday, April 09, 2005

Uninterrupted Dinner

Chew Slime came to Chicago and stayed with me for a few days. First night we went to an outdoor patio bar/restaurant; the weather was wonderful, so we had to go. We had a great time; she is funny when she comes back here; she’s always talking about how she’s making it work in Seattle, then breathes the Chicago air, and it all comes back to her. Yep. I couldn’t live out there. Too people friendly and fake. Good sushi, though. New York, maybe. Chicago, yes. Denver, no; anything West Coast, “no.” I’m sure the westcoasters are great. /roll eyes However, all I can ascertain is that they are very interested in my incensed burlapped feelings than actually having a conversation with me.

Speaking of which, when at University, a top one, a very expensive one, I was making a comment about the ghetto way things were spelt in an acting room. Naturally, when I see people who are in college unable to use a fucking apostrophe, I tend to get a little bit miffed. I commented; Stupid Actor Man from the sticks said, “There’s nothing wrong with that; what’s the big deal about spelling?” Actually, trash heap, it’s punctuation, but you don’t know the difference since you’re the Oh My God Bubba Went To College role model for all’ll’y’all Deliverance folk.

Speaking of mental retards, at dinner, a funny thing happened; a former interest of mine—not even a lover or a “I kissed you”—absolutely nothing, just a few coffees and conversations—deliberately walked past me (totally out of the way) just to snub me. I thought it was hilarious; navy blue looked so shitty on him, but now he’s fake tanning, waxing eyebrows, getting highlights (in a lovely anal wart brown sort of way), and not eating. The perfect anorexic twink. And I’m supposed to be jealous? Naturally I wouldn’t bother putting this down, but I am amazed at what passes for attractive these days.

So then we went out and drank and got silly. Absolute blast. Then, Weds, Chew Slime took me to my favourite restaurant for a magnificent dinner. WOW was it good. We had delicious mojitos, the smoothest martinis in the city; it was absolutely luxurious. The martinis were smooth; I told her dey be mixin’ in dat om, Queen Helene om, dat anti-frizz up in yo head up in dat glaysse. Yeh, she be trippin.’

This was an uninterrupted meal. Best friends can be apart for months, days, years; when they get back together and it feels as though nothing has changed—and feels as though the last conversation was uninterrupted—that is a great friend. And I was so happy and contented to have that uninterrupted dinner. Thank you, Chew Slime; I love you.

Hmmm. Might wanna make a beef stew tonight. Yeh.


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