Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ankle Hair

So I had a dream. Zippy, my snail, found a mate, and they were having it all the time. Fine. Suddenly, my mate, who was not attractive and rather bulbous, in a bad way, and I were in a store. Generic pasty gutted Ambercrombie guy shop lifted a little yellow glass thing by hooking it onto his belt loop (which come to think of it is impossible) then covered it with his sweatshirt, then left. I go and rat him out. The store boy, who looks oddly like the cigarette salesman at the train stop, chased him down, he was arrested. Pasty Boy’s mommy and whore girlfriend (Joleen, I’m sure) then came in. Mommy had really long blond hair and it was wrapped around her leg and ended at her ankle. She was standard Norma Saunders quality. Joleen was wearing flannel and smoking and pregnant. Norma Saunders walked past me and yelled racial threats. (expected.) And then that was it. I think I went on the lam? Who knows.


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