Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fuck Face Threatens Legal Action

So the parents of the fuck face who was beating my sister are now threatening us with legal action. They are Indian Givers who now want all the presents that fuck face gave my sister returned. They are unaware, obviously because they are new money with no ethics (we’re talking pawn shop owners here—robbing the poor and eviscerating the underbelly of society for their own profit—yeah, let’s talk ethics), that they have no legal ground to stand on.

In addition to the physical abuse, the throwing from a car, the throwing up the stairs, the chasing, the yelling, the ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, and having no table manners, this fuck face now wants to cry and hide behind his daddy.

Guess what, fuck face. The law is entirely on our side. It is unfortunate that you think that intimidation and empty threats will make us budge. You have been harassing us. You are stalking my sister. We have the law on our side. I have photographs of your abuse.

Go ahead. File you suit.


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