Monday, May 23, 2005


BD wants me to wear chaps and a j to IML next week. We tried them on yesterday. I agreed to the leash, but I don't think I'll be wearing chaps. The chaps are OK, but my boontut isn't in perfect condition. Next year. Plus, the chaps are $130; and I can't afford that, yo--plus alterations. Nope, just the leather vest and leather pants. And then the leash.

Now, let's think about the leash just a little bit. Big Daddy is insisting on leading me around on a leash. And we're "friends." Yeah, at one pernt on just has to sit back and think..."Hmmm..."

Well, he's going to get the dog collar. It better fit me. I'm not going to be gagging around. Oh, maybe I can accessorize the dog collar with a bunch of other metal chains. That might be fun! Ok I admit now I'm interested.


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