Friday, May 20, 2005

A Little Late to Suck Up Now.

The embodiment of the phrase: “A little late to suck up now” crept across my mind, face, eyes, and body this afternoon when the head honcho came to tell me how valued I am, how important I am, how much he values my contributions, how much he wants me to succeed, how much the organization values me, and how much he wants me to be happy and challenged where I am, be it in New York or in Chicago, or anywhere.

What noble aspirations he has for me. They are much higher and better than mine for my job.

So I had to sit there and constantly remind myself to defreeze my face, to emote, and to pretend to care. Tall tall tall orders. Not comfortable with that. But it was nice of him to come to me and personally tell me how valued I am.


The second phrase I thought of during his diatribe was “Say it with Diamonds.” But that ain’t gonna happen anyway.

But fear not; I am valued.

He also said I was top contender to be a manager. Yeah right; no thanks. At least at the bottom I’m buffered by people above me who I actually like and respect.

Oh yeah, he also said that my promotion was long overdue.

So, I’m valuable, but they don’t pay me; I’m due to be promoted, but they don’t promote me; I’m management material, but they don’t care. I must have a sign on me that says, “IN NEED OF LIP SERVICE.”

Come to think of it, that would be GREAT to wear at a bar…


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