Sunday, May 22, 2005

Norma Saunders

Which leads me into Norma Saunders. She was a class-free dumpster cunt. I just use her name interchangeably with welfarewhitetrash. (The W.W.T.)

Her discipline of her children centered around her shouting crassa blanca threats all over the place. She hollered, yelled, was the original welfare mother. I have no idea why she was even in Tabubil at all. Her husband did electrics. But how could they live in an A house? Then again, I think our house was the only A house in the area; theirs must have been a B house.

I remember her voice. It was so scratchy and would sail up and down like a old rag dangling in the wind. I’m sure she was a lovely woman. My fantasy always created her as the ugly of the Two Fat Ladies show. I don’t think she ever left the house. I never saw her children. They went to boarding school. Mom didn’t let me play with them.

Apparently, however, she looked more like Aggie on How Clean is Your House. But I liked Aggie. I probably would have liked Norma if I had the chance to meet her.


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