Saturday, May 21, 2005

What are you?

A white cunt asked me "What are you?" last night at the hammer. Naturally, I told him he was a hick and to get away from me. Then he tried to "convince to persuade" me to stay and talk to him beacuse I have such a great look.


Earlier, at BC, another white cunt tried to ask me what I am. He at least acknowledged he was rude. Still a cunt. But that's what happens when your UHaul downloads in Chicago from Pork Jaw Iowa.


Cunt #1 was skinny, useless, lisped, and really enjoyed saying the word fabulous. It was amazingly amusing when he tried to hold me back from leaving him after his question. I could have broken that cunt into 10 pieces with my pinkie toe. What on earth compells people to physically hold and restrain people when they don't get what they want? Childish, immature, poorly raised CUNT.

W--and D--hit it off. Don't know D at all, but when W walked past, D got a woody. So I pulled W and said, "Wayne, I'd love you meet my dear friend..." and then D had to supplement the name. Hee hee! Well, someone'll get sucked off I'm sure.


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