Tuesday, May 31, 2005

You make me wanna blabla

Thank you for your support.

Let’s see. Where were we.

Well, Weds. I went out with Pooky; we had Ethiopian food. Pooky’s new beau, a black man, didn’t know how to eat Ethiopian when they went out. Now, had the man not actually been foreign, I’d’ve expected him to have had some problems. But he’s more or less somewhat international and was clueless how to eat. Not my problem, pat belly pat belly. Ever.

So anyhow, that was fun. Then off to JH for a drank, and then R decided to hit on me some more. Eugh. I’m going to have to not do that. How to expunge…oh well. Who knows.

Then Thursday went out with Tiger Butter who was a little annoying. I think it’s more or less a done deal here, but that’s OK. He’s so fond of talking about himself, but not in a “share my life way” but in the “I need to declare things so that I can continue being a valid human being.” As an example, there’s an abundance of “Well, *I* had to do this, and *I* learned that, and *I* am not the kind of person who can X and *I* learned about myself…” it’s the ridiculous form of “I am the exception; I have conquered; I am wonderful.”

And it’s not true. At least, not for me. It’s pretty surely a sign of insecurity, which just tires me so much. So, I don’t think I can deal with it anymore. I’m hoping he finds happiness elsewhere; he’s a good guy. Just not for me.

Coming home on Thursday, Princess P-Fat had an ordeal. She moved out of Siput’s house and back in with mom and dad. This time there’s bruises and shit, etc. So there’s been some more abuse. Fine. But what gets me beyond belief is that she’s actually considering going back. I wish I could give her a pill; I wish I could teach her that happiness actually involves some form of happiness.

Carolyn Hax wrote, as a response to someone, a fictions title of her forthcoming book that would have me laugh had it not been so pertinent: “Has It Occurred to You That You're Essentially Saying You'd Rather Fight All the Time Over Stupid Things Than Be Single?”

But I guess that’s what Princess P-Fat wants. It’s so very sad. I don’t know the answer, nor do I know how to get it taken care of. Which bugs me to no end. But I’ve done the best I can do now. I think I should probably take some literature or something to her about abusive boyfriends or something.

Anyhow, I’m wasted, and I get a call from mom at 1130 and I have to try and counsel them. It wasn’t easy, but I think I got my points across.

Friday night BD wanted to play, but I was too tired, so I just stayed home.

Saturday went to play in garden and planted a new hosta called Blue Mouse Ears. Cute! Divided up some lemon lime and dispersed it around the Northern Lights Garden. Divided up some other hostas and moved things around; felt good. Planted some marigolds. I love those. They’re so happy and pretty.

At night, donned my leather gear and went out with BD to a few bars here and there. Had a good time. Found out BD has a strong affinity for the really obese. Ew. But to each his own. BD is so funny; again, I need to declare: HAPPINESS INVOLVES AT LEAST SOME HAPPINESS. But BD’d rather go chasing rainbows. And I’m glad.

Sunday was going to go back to see P-Fat but instead stayed here, since they were off at some BBQ. No, that was Monday. Never mind. What did I do Sunday? Oh yeah; I went shopping with SV to get her a bunch of new clothes and some bathroom furnishings. Had a good time; she didn’t have license or credit card so I had to put it all on mine. She found that highly erotic. LOL!

Sunday night went out with BD and C; BC’s, mostly. Felt tired after a while, came home, BD and I ate pizza, then he went off to find some ass. Hope he got some.

Monday went with Pooky to Little India. Saw Usman, who Pooky thought was hot. I turned around, giggled, and said, “I used to date him.” Pooky was surprised. Then he came over and talked to us. Eugh. Then he invited me out to go with him to a BBQ, in front of Pooky. Will the Hot Countries ever have common sense or decency? Hot Trash.

Then we went to SV’s for a BBQ. Pooky and I came back here, found some things to do, I drank a bunch of Ménage à Trois, which was much meatier than I thought it was going to be. Pooky was having sunstroke so kinda faded out into oblivion. Then we went to SV’s, she puts out a nice spread. Good times. Hung out for 5 hours, then I came back home and collapsed.

I got my promotion at the end of the day today.

The e-mail:

It is with great pleasure that I announce that blah blah is promoted. Blah blah has accomplished a great number of things, such as developing loyal relationships with some of our most important customers from K, L, and BB. He has produced revenue levels of excellence during his tenure. Additionally, blah blah created our team’s FUPI which has allowed customers to voice any immediate concerns. Blah blah is serving us in other ways by being a professor with blah blah.

Many thanks go to blah blah for his work efforts. Please join me in congratulating him on his well-deserved promotion.

Blah blah.


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