Saturday, June 04, 2005


Well, last night full of coincidences.

Yesterday morning I woke up and put on a stellar Valentino outfit which I thought, “Gee, this’d look great in a bar; why don’t I wear my good clothes to the bar, only my standard black t and jeans?”

Work work, blah blah.

Round 4, BD wrote and wanted to go to BC’s. So, I went immediately afterwork. Was fun! Use of stunning glamourous outfit; coincidence #1.

BD talked about K’s only redeeming quality, which are a set of huge balls. And I thought about the trashy druggie I met 2 years ago with J— who was completely without value, who put his unit on my knee at the A several years ago. But I didn’t say anything; I figured trashy druggie would have died by now, though at only like 22-ish it would be surprising—in the way that a brand new toy breaks right away. I almost feel like e-mailing J to tell him, but J is a fuck up who probably got eaten live in Africa. Ah, some speculations and fantasies do make life worth living…

Anyhow, BD’s all upset about K who is a game-playing jealous fool, but BD can’t quite see that. Yet again, I am older than a 41 year old. But I’ve know that for a long time. So I recalled, and said, that great people talk about ideas; average people talk about people, and small people talk about wine.

We’ve set the scene for the next coincidences.

BD and I went to the JH to play and have a good time right before going to have dinner. Tasty and good. Barbie was there, so that was nice; I actually really do enjoy her. Also, Rhodo was there, and he was very friendly and social. The first time he was a little anti-social, but true to fabulousness, I pandered to his exquisite personality and his caregiving as a bartender who tended to Pooky when he “passed” his test. Rhodo then insisted that Pooky had passed the test, which is fun since Pooky doesn’t know his grade, (I mean, let’s be fair, yes, Pooky did pass, but to assume it is when you’re so far out of it and just pronouncing and proclaiming it because you can is just such a sign, but anyway). So that was nice, and a bit of a coincidence since Pooky met Rhodo for the first time just a few days after I did, and wrote a full e-mail report to boot! As was R who was being nice to me.

Anyhow, Trashy Druggie showed up! Trashy Druggie: Coincidence! I’ve never seen Trashy Druggie since I was at the A that many years ago. It was amazing. First, Trashy Druggie has put on a bunch of weight—solid muscle. So that was lovely to look at. But TD was entirely wasted and shitfaced. It was pathetic, but that’s OK. So R is trying to tell TD that his shirt is inside out, but TD can’t even process that information, so TD, true to his nature, keeps murmuring “it doesn’t matter” as he did those years ago, except this time it wasn’t “it doesn’t matter;” it was “I don’t know I don’t know.” Which is odd. So he finally took his shirt off (YAY!) and then put it on the right way. He’s also much shorter than I remember, but probably because he’s so much more muscular now. Anyway, R convinced to persuade him to leave, so he went outside and threw his arm up in the air for every car that passed by. I helped him hail a cab. He was angry at me for being there, probably thought I was trying to pick him up. LOVELY RACIST WHITE PEOPLE STRIKE AGAIN. But that’s what they do; they don’t know any better. And since it’s easier to ascribe the bigger issue than to actually consider what the actual issue could be, I’ll keep ascribing the bigger issue.

Anyhow, got him into a cab, went back into JH, flirted, was stunning, all was well. Then, BD and I went to eat and had a good time at the diner. So, dinner, I had ravioli, BD had chicken strips. Claïsha called and called me a CUNT so I called her CUNT and we CUNTED at each other for a while. Was nice. I double tipped cause the waiter guy was the pizza guy. BD left a tip at the table, but I tipped him, so all went well. PLUS, BD tried to pay cash but I waggled my credit card at the cashier, but the cashier took the cash. SO, pizza guy told him to stop and use my credit card. Yeh. I think. Wait. Oh well!

Then I got BD a cab; he went home and I went home to watch AYBS for a bit, then passed out.

This morning I saw a voice mail from last night that I missed. B had called to tell me he had a glass of a lovely 1954 wine that he could drink 5 bottles of if he had any. Small people: coincidence.



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