Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cold Cuntage.

So there was some more cuntage today. Where did it begin. The first real cunt sighting was in the old Board of Trade building. Cunts 1&2 got into the elevator and LIKE, OH MY CUNT; STARTED, LIKE TALKING ABOUT CUNT’S WEDDING AND LIKE, CUNT!

Cunt 1 was dressed poorly. She had streaky blond hair and chunky shoes, pubic hair revealing jeans, and a little top of some sort. She talked like a retard, but she lives in Lincoln Park, so that’s OK.

Cunt 2 was dressed in a purple sack with an enormous bag in which she had placed 9000 tampons. Guess where those go. Anyhow, she slouched, cause she’s a cunt, and thought she was sexy and glamorous. She looked less like Paris Hilton and more like Grandma Moses, recently reanimated. Cunt 2 kept rubbing and pushing on the little old man standing behind her. He had absolutely no room in front of him because this cunt was taking up all his space, hitting him with her purse, and being generally oblivious to the entire world. Not only is she a whore, but she’s rude to elders. I hope she marries an attorney.

I wish I could be them. I wish my biggest problems in life were LIKE, UM, MY LIKE, NAILS, AND LIKE, YEAH!!!!

Like, today I went to the gym, and like, ran, and like, weighed myself 4 times, and like, yeah! I’m like, exciting!


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