Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cunt Sightings

Yesterday saw two cunts.

One was a straight white boy. He was very funny. He was wearing a t-shirt pulled all kinds of ways up over his butt. Then, he was wearing slinky shorts (they are *so* gay, but they don’t know these things) that went under his ass, and then he had white cotton boxers on which were just hanging out. The t-shirt on top of his (rather pathetic) ass and his slinky shorts under his ass made a big white cotton oval.

THEN, he emptied his nose by being an Arab. He just turned, plugged one nostril, and blew out. What a fucking farmer. But again, this is what happens when your U-Haul downloads in Chicago from PigFucker, Wisconsin. Or ChickenShitFucker, Iowa. Either way. Same things.

There might be a DuckFuck, Minnesota.

The second cunt harassed me all the way home. A nosy neighbour obsessed with money, obsessed with physical fitness, and obsessed with knowing everyone’s business. It’s not bad so much as it feels so invasive; why the hell does one person need to busybody on everyone? And it seems to be a national pastime within their condo building; they all seem to bitch and bug out at each other about everyone. Well, fine. Go ahead and cunt away. Just leave me alone, and leave me the fuck out of it. What’s the point of living in the city if cunts are going to be bothering me all the time? Might as well live in the suburbs.

Anyway, I was told about a service of process on someone in the building, a promotion, money, money, money, job job job, working out, someone nicknamed “hunchback” which I thought was in excessively poor taste; who the fuck calls someone a hunchback? Oh yeah; cunt. It was just very annoying.

I’ve gotten 6 congratulation e-mails on my promotion already, in spite of the fact that the office has been open for 3 minutes.


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