Sunday, June 05, 2005

Double standards of funny.

So, I think lots of things are funny in an ironical way. So this training video for the 49ers or whatever was offensive and relied on stereotypes. I was reading a bit about it, and it actually sounded amusing. But that is, amusing to someone who graduated near the top of the class, has been to 50 countries, has a wide acquaintance, is a bon vivant, and is, in general, *the* reason why “All Men Are Created Equal” can’t possibly be true.

But when people who are racist and prejudice see things like that, it’s no longer funny. And it’s not funny anymore because you know that part of them agrees with it.

But that’s a double standard. It’s the same material being processed differently by different people. And to monitor that is incorrect.

So that’s why we have to sanitize the shit out of everything.

We have to pander to the retarded. We have to molly coddle and alter our lives so that the lowest common denominator can be protected. This is fine in the event of those with developmental disabilities; but really, to constrain and confine our ideas so that the ignorant are secure just seems unquestionably wrong and categorically symbolizes our failure as a society to breed quality people.

But, that’s life. And we’re living in the best of it. Take that.


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