Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fan Beaten on Stage at Snoop Dogg

Why the hell is this news? Man beaten up for rushing stage at Snoop Dogg concert.

Said individual alleges he jumped onstage to dance at the encouragement of the rap artists when about a dozen people, including Snoop Dogg, hit and kicked him repeatedly. He alleges they ripped out his diamond earrings, poured alcohol on him, stole his watch and cell phone and took his wallet containing cash and identification. Ok, what the hell did he expect? A warm fuzzy welcome?

Perhaps he spent his entire life pinning his conceptualization of his masculininty and his self into Snoop Dogg, which is where we should all drive our parenting, and wanted to much to meet his daddy that he just had to rush on stage to meet his daddy.

Well, clearly with that explained, it now makes sense that Snoop Dogg should be held responsible for his son. Who wasn’t his son. Oh wait.

See, and this makes news. Why? Why are people so stupid?

Fish gotta swim…


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