Sunday, June 05, 2005


Does anyone really know how bad the South is?

I get more than 40 miles south of Chicago and I start to get antsy. I’m not even totally at ease *in* Chicago—it’s still pretty backward, insular, and retarded—yet nasty—all at the same time.

Texas has been making the news recently. Well, no, I’ve just been noticing that a high proportion of racist backward rednecks making news have all come from Texas. White people got 3 months for beating up a black man. 2 of the white men got no sentence at all. In 1929, still the present date in some counties, Texas legislature tried to impeach the president because his wife had a black woman over for dinner.

At the moment, there’s something called the Young Conservatives of Texas. They spend their time hating immigrants. They spend their time hating.

It’s unfortunate; I’m sure there’s lovely things about the state, like…like…well, like the fact that my friend who against all advice actually moved from The North to reside in Texas has decided to have his wedding in Michigan. See? There’s smart people in Texas. That, and I told him I refuse to go that far south, EVER.

All right then. Case closed.


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