Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Couple on the Bus

Bus Couple

Grant gets on the bus at North Avenue beach. He is wearing a wife beater, dark red Abercrombie three quarter length shorts and flip flops. Lauren follows closely behind; she is wearing D&G sunglasses, flip flops from Escada, and carries a shopping bag labeled Prada.

Grant and Lauren sit down. Grant takes his cell phone out of his pocket. Lauren takes her cell phone out of her pocket. They each dial; they each speak.

I’m on the bus with Lauren. You on a break from mixing chemicals? Dude, we like, hung out there like all day. We were just like, chilling there like all day. We went to a place called Wildfire, it was like *so* good. It was good as hell. I got like fucking grilled swordfish it had like tomatoes and peppers and like, a fucking onion.

Apparently like he must have called like a while ago. John called like a little while ago and asked what am I doing and I like wait whatever I’m with my boyfriend. I got like a purse it’s like retro for like $20! That’s like cheap! Like I had a purse day today. I said I had a purse day today. Yeah yeah with my boyfriend.

We went to Prada today and she like bought a purse. It was like all suede and shit. All right, dude; like, make them dollars.

And like, I just wanted to like be all like living in Lincoln Park. And John said, so like you want to stay over and find out how far it is to work. Well, I was like no; John, first my boyfriend wasn’t going to allow that. I thought it was like really hilarious and like, fuck, no. It’s like bullshit. I think it’s like hilarious that my ex-boyfriend is trying to get into my life. But I’m like not! I’m like, not calling at all! It’s like too shady. MOM, I like care that I’m involved with my boyfriend so like they should care too that I’m involved. I’m not upset I just think it’s like hilarious. And it just like pisses me off and it’s like retarded; I mean I have a boyfriend, and it like just pisses me off. Where are you guys like at? I was at the beach with my boyfriend like all day like all day like, just all day. How about we go to like Level before she like leaves. Yeah, but you need to like get your ass out here!

Scott, before you say anything, my phone like died. Did you go out? did you like, get drunk as hell? They like every Thursday have like $2 pints of Guinness. My #1 priority is to get back to my place and eat. My dumb ass will probably forget. Dude, later.

Waldo and John called met today and Waldo was like, I just didn’t respect you and like then he’s trying to get back into my life and I’m like, don’t play these games with me. I’m like, I have a boyfriend now. He’s like, I’m like, whatever. We should go on a double date soon. Totally. Like on finding out like next week; I have to finish up some project and shit or whatever. Ok, like I’ll call you like soon and we’ll like figure it out.

They both put their phones away. Grant put his arm around her and slobbered on her face. She liked it very much.

“Stop it” she squealed.
“Stop it” he imitated, mocking her.

He licked her face some more.

They stopped. They each picked up their cell phones and dialed.

And so on.


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