Friday, December 23, 2005

Days go by

And soon it'll be NYE.  Et voila.
So, nothing tremendously exciting has happened.  I created a new investment account which was rather interesting; my broker or whatever wanted me to talk about my goals with him.  Um, Dude, Make Me More Money.  Very difficult, non?  He wanted all kinds of risk assessment information, blah blah blah.  Keep the number mountin', your accountant does the countin'...
With the potential additional money in the next job, I hope to put more in these funds or something.
YAY CS is in town and we're going to play tonight.  Fun fun!  I've almost 1/2 a mind to drive into work today, but really, that's asking a lot.  Plus Friday Xmas Eve Night to drive around after work is going to suck.  But if I drove in, I'd save 2 hours.  Which might not be so bad.  Hmmm.
Well, let me see if I need to pack anything.


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