Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I can't drive and take a shit and talk and think at the same time.

So said my sister as she was driving on her way home.
Her selfishness amazes me.  Tomorrow mom and dad are returning from two months overseas and she's looking for ways to get out of picking them up from the airport.  Which surprises me.  She's very very busy this time of year.  She has parties to plan.  She has make-up to buy.  She has boys to date.  Wow, her life is so troublesome, I'm amazed she has time to do anything for herself.
She's bitching about not having a day off.  Seriously?  Wow.  My life is changing and my level of life stress is amazing, and she wants to just be happy and sing tra la la la all day long.
Today's interesting comment revolved around bats and balls.  Larger balls in species mean dumber men and whorish women.  Smaller balls mean smarter men and more faithful women.  This confirms everything I've ever suspected about men.
Poor G had a bad day at work.  Her job is amazingly retarded, almost more than mine.  In mine I get relative insulated from shitty products and shitty sales staff.  Hers is the liaison position between it all.  How sad and shitty.  That's just a thankless task.
My computer has a fucking virus which is really pissing me off.  It keeps fucking itself up and closing the internet.  I'm sure I could just delete the internet and then reinstall it, but really.  What a project.  So I'm annoyed with that.  I know I picked it up by visiting porn.  Which is better than doing the real thing and picking up a real virus, so I am glad. 
ABCCunt at work was given one of my orders on Thursday.  It was for states that had 1-2 day turn arounds.  Today, Tuesday, boss had to pick up the order from ABCCunt and finish it.  Which is great.  The point of me not doing work is so that other people can learn how to do work.  Except that's failing spectacularly.  And this makes us all better.  It's a slap in my face and in the customer's face.  A crock of shit.  And I hope that company tanks.
Talked to top client today about the situation.  Top Client is really hoppin' pissed.  TC said, "And do I get any say in your not working on my orders?"  TC was pissed.  As am I.  But I told TC that I will work on TC's stuff.  Let's see if that actually happens.  TC said "So, your company is saying 2+2=3."  Yep. 
I'm glad I'm not the only person who realizes retardation from ACROSS THE HILLS.
But that's OK.  At least I'm not looking haggard and ugly. 
Which brings me all kinds of devine satisfaction.  As if the mirror never did in the first place... ha ha!
"Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."--Mark Twain


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