Monday, December 19, 2005


So I realize my way of life isn't for everyone.  Infact, I think it can be very hard for people to live the way I do, particularly when people are weak and inferior.  But this is OK. 
But something that I was thinking of was the party last night, and how four people missed it.  One person missed it because of work.  No, not that there was work on Sunday, but that work from last week made her tired.  Managers.  If she were gettin' boned, that would be fine.  Another person missed it due to "illness."  Aka:  getting boned, which of course is fine.  Lastly, another couple missed it because they were in love, and an ex was at the party, therefore negating their ability to get there.
Wow.  To lose your independence.  In talking with someone who also recently lost it, I discovered that when I said, "Oh, X missed it because of Y" or "A missed it because A needs a wo/man," I wasn't so much talking about The Party as I was talking about their missing out on life.
And I quickly realized that I was insulting those people. 
And that spoke volumes.


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