Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve

Wow, things are just speeding right along.
Last night went out with BD to BC and JH, had a great time.  BD is so much fun and we have a great time together; how lucky I am!
I discovered that the very best way to destroy the fragile male ego is to laugh.  I think women can handle being laughed at much more than men can.
Roomie hated it when I made certain belongings subject to a bit of laughing.  It wasn't my fault; it's not as if someone can't imagine being made fun of having loud gangsta rap country western bible and americana scattered about.  Trash. 
I also remember when fat fuck cunt fucking cunt licking shit faced vomit brained scum sucking trash sperming asshole uncle tried to laugh at me, too.  But we're all having the last laugh.
Anyway, so while BD and I were dancing (and I got my nipples pinched which was a new act of familiarity--and kissed lightly later, which is kinda normal, actually), there were some people who were jealous or staring or whatever at me which was amusing.  At any rate, one of these guys, who was rather cute (suggesting I probably have some sort of connection that I completely obliterated) locked his arm and kinda 1/2 shoved into me, which I thought was ridiculous.  So I laughed at him.  And infuriated him.  And wow, what an effect.
Then we went to JH and it was a great time, then had pizza.
Today I saw Memoirs of a Geisha with PB.  I am getting ready to go out with BD for the evening.  Am excited for this NYE party.  Hope the menzes is cute!
" forgot Poland..."


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