Monday, December 12, 2005


Maintaining my highclass life at Subway (of all places) I watched a lovely indugui trying to con a free cookie and drink.
Her allegation, of course, (which gets SO old and tired--why can't the indugui learn a new trick)<--hee hee, I said "indugui learn"!!!, was that she was given no change or incorrect change or belli belli brotten cheenge or whatever it is she was mumbling with her stupid violet eyeshadow and regulation moustache.  Quinky Folk manager came out finally and said, "Come back and have a look at the video we have of you receiving change.
While any normal person probably would have stopped there and gone home, she continued.  Because that's what the indugui do.  How sad and pathetic.
"Please bi dottar is belli belli hungli and i do not be having de appropriate changes.  bi dottar is starbingk.  she bants de em and de em cookies.  Bhy do you neber hab de em and de em cookies?"  Blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Seriously.  CUNT.
But she was doing the best she could.  I'm sure in indugui land it's OK to cheat and steal and lie.  But hey, stupid is as stupid does.  And this is why continued outsourcing to induguiland will continue to fail spectacularly. 
So I might get a lovely little new job.  I'm hopin'.  I spoke with BB today and BB mentioned that my chances are pretty good and that they are interested in talking to me.  So I am glad for that.  Get me out of my amazingly oppressive and retarded job environment right now. 
I'm mad.  I love my job.  I love my colleagues.  I am upset at the managerial style of people who are prohibiting me from doing work.  Doing work.  I am not allowed to do work.  It's fucking insanity.  What kind of stupid retarded crack pot job prohibits you from doing work.  I don't work for the government.  I am not Canadian.  I am not a communist.
I'm not a team player.  The team environment is leading to the downfall of America.  It's been developed by the stupid baby boomers we have to have feelings and gold stars and team and crap like that.
When I first arrived at that office, we all had an exercise.  We were to imagine we were all alone on a desert island and supposed to pick the things we would take (from a list) and organize them accordingly in priority, like a raft, matches, caviar; whatever.

We did the test individually and then we did them as a team.  This is a test hat the Navy SEALS give out.  The highest possible score, let's pretend, was 40.

I got 38 individually.

The team I was on then got 22. 

The highest individual score, besides mine, was 17.

But management is still wondering how to give out gold stars and how to be lame and palsied, and to make sure that everyone's feelings are happy and good.

I can't wait until their molly coddled children, who run around demanding trophies for the feelings their parents only got gold stars for, start to manage the populace.  THAT will be fun.

We'll become less productive than the Canadians.
BUT!  It's OK.  I hope I can get a new job and things will improve.  BB sent my resume to higher ups and they are working on getting me a job.  That's fucking wonderful.  I really hope I can do something where I'm allowed to work and don't have to get held up for the imagined "benefit" of a team.


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