Monday, December 12, 2005


Ok so the retarded Aussies are busy beating up ay-rabs (how on earth would they pronounce that word in their god-awful accent that sounds like the vocal sounds of slaughtered crow superimposed over the flatulent anus of a cow) and insisting that it's not racial.
Now, Americans tend to glamourize the Australians.  They think they're chic or fun or enjoy the barbeque or something equally awful.  The truth is that the Australians are about as exciting, progressive, interesting, and intelligent as the people in the lesser part of the southern states. 
But, to be fair, that is an aspiration that does elevate most of the populace.  So let's say thank you to the Aussies for being role models for some.
The proof, quite simply, is that the Aussies don't recognize racism.  They think their little riots are just for fun, I'm guessing.  Which is odd, since riots tend to happen quickly, and Aussies are about as fast as [insert quanticism here] in the winter.  But the PM or whatever thinks it's not.  At least we Yankees can call it what it is and celebrate it.
Now, onto the ay-rabs.  There's talk about the ay-rabs doing their duty and blowing up countries that are sympathetic to the US.  That would include S'pore.  And that will truly be sad.  There's not much tolerance for them now. 
I was reading some person's commentary on how the cofo in France aren't victims of racism, they're victims of some sort of "culturalism."  And that makes sense to me.  It has since I started noticing it.  Fascinating how people can go unthought for so long.
Oh well!


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