Sunday, December 18, 2005

thumpy cunt

So there's a woman who lives above me who makes lots of noise.  She's 5 feet tall, thin, someone escaping the clutches of a primative life down in our southern states (that should be lauded), and of course has lesbulldagga brillo pad hair.  Normal, standard.  And she thumps around with what must be 50 pound combat boots up on her feet. Or who knows, maybe she thumps around on her head.  Either way, she's a loud loud thumpy cunt.  Thumpy. 
Doot de loo!
Today I was thinking about getting a massage but I ate pizza and feel blubby so no.  Plus, I have to go pick up my loondrydry from the loondrydry around noonye-nye.
I thought about going to see a moo-vye-vye today, but I'm not sure.  Might be a fun thing to do over the week nights--less prone to be busy and the like, plus I can take the purple express up there and be done with pretty quickly.
Might be time for a champagne breakfast or two.  Yum.  I'll see; a martini at the hammer will be perfect.  :)


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