Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well. Now I'm old.

So, yes, I made it to the old age that I am now.  And it's kinda OK.
The day started pretty well, nothing tumultuously incorrect or ghastly.  I went to work as usual.  We had a meeting, which was cute; the head executive of something or other came to talk to us to explain the new merger.
She used the phrase "Business as Usual" about 100 times, and said that there are no changes and we don't have anything to worry about anything.  She didn't make eye contact with any of us and fiddled with a rubber band the entire time and, essentially, lied to us.  We none of us were worried until she gave the talk. 
The day I get the fuck out of there is the day I am happy.  I like how this merger will work.  It is essentially merging Wal*Mart with Nordstrom.  It won't happen.  You can't glamourize ghetto.  Ghetto relies on itself.   
Executive or whatever used the word silo a bunch of times.  This is exactly why I never ever want to be in business.  Fuck it.  There's no pernt.  These businesses make decisions based on the most random and retarded points.  My friend MB said that her department's budget fluctuates monthly, but their finance department will not acknowledge this nor increase their funding, just decrease it based on the previous month.  What kind of monkey cunts work in management?  Oh yeah, I remember now.
What I found obliteratingly amazing was that this executive now wants to change the way we're paid.  No more payment based on customer satisfaction or write offs; now instead she wants to focus on productivity and revenue.  Which means that I will be paid out the whazoo--if they actually paid based on merit.  Oh wait a minute, I'M NOT ALLOWED TO WORK ANYMORE.
Who the hell manages by telling their star employee to stop taking work so that their peasant peons can "absorb" the work that I don't do and thereby improve their own performance?
My boss put in a bunch of overtime and did a lot of the work reserved for us peons.  We peons (myself excluded) did a bunch of overtime.  I could have sailed through all that work with no problem.  But I'm not allowed because if I do work, then I can't let the others be productive.  What a figment of some cuntbrained idea.  
Oh well.  Got smashed, went to eat, got driven home by a Zairian cabbie who spoke very nice French, and we talked for a while and I didn't quite understand everything but I was surprised.  I was pretty gone.  And it took $25 to get from Loop to home.  Seriously; cab fares are too expensive.
I'm supposed to go to a party tonight but don't quite feel like it.  I'm almost tempted to go to the bar, po a few dranks, then head back home, eat some pizza, and go to bed.  I was also supposed to go to the party with a friend who has now declined.  Which I thought was interesting.  But that friend is probably busy on a date that I don't know about.  For some reason.  I have crazy friends. 
And I should probably rest up nice and good for the b-day party tomorrow.  That will be lots of fun.
Okie dokie.


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