Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bonjour, 2006!

The party last night was wonderful.
The highlight was my first kiss of the year, which was from JB.  That was quite wonderful, as was the finger fucking.  LOL
JB was quite caught unawares by my beauty; introducing down the line, "Hi, I'm JB, Hi, I'm JB," then me "...." and I said, "Hello, nice to meet you" and JB continues after staring a bit to the next person, "Hi, I'm JB, Hi, I'm JB, Hi, I'm JB."
Which was very cute.
Interesting; the party had a high predominance of 3 names; John, Mike, and David.  LOL
Mike was also infatuated as well and stared at me almost the entire evening.  :) 
But beyond that it was standard.  BD looked very nice and everyone assumed we were together, as they usually do.
I met a Canadian who bumped into me 5 times in 10 seconds, having no concept of personal space, which was highly irritating, but he was probably just jealous.
2 Queenies came in which was interesting; they were very friendly until they saw me and then banded together to hate me.
I read palms of several people which was enjoyable. 
So all in all a very delightful evening.  I was, as usual, the most interesting exotic creature there, which was intimidating to the fearful, imposing on the meek, and rewarding to the courageous.  I'm amazing.
(Hey, 80 years from now I won't be able to say this.)
Just felt generally charming and delicious.  Wore the gold dragons.  :)
Today went out to Bistro Zinc with A&W and PB, which was fun.  Had to pretend like the food was the most impressive stuff I'd ever eaten in my life.  Had to make it up so that PB wouldn't lose face with husband managing the whole place.
The moules were OK; they were plump, firm, the sauce was great, but a bit watery and gummy, so it kinda separated. 
The anchovy salad was a complete disaster.
The croque madame was OK, but far too French Toasty and the fries were pretty nauseating.
The escargot were god-awful.  The creme brulee was nasty. 
But we spent 3 hours there talking and enjoying life, which was the point of seeing anyone and my friends, so that was quite delightful.
Then off to BE and talked and laughed and ate pizza and chips and had a nice time.  So that is a good thing.
So all in all the 1st day of the new year was wonderful.  So I am very happy.
Good night!


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